Are real bullets next?

Mercury News | 04/07/2003 | Police open fire at anti-war protest, longshoremen injured

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - Police opened fire Monday morning with wooden dowels, ``sting balls'' and other non-lethal weapons at anti-war protesters outside the Port of Oakland, injuring at least six demonstrators and six longshoremen standing nearby.

Most of the 500 demonstrators at the port were dispersed peacefully, but police opened fire at two gates when protesters refused to move. The longshoremen, pinned against a fence, were caught in the crossfire. ...

Whatever happened to ARRESTING people blocking a facility during a demonstration?

Using rubber bullets or pellets or whatever the hell they are? Police terrorism. What is this country turning in to -- Iraq? Since when do we fire upon peaceful demonstrators?

I predict this action by the Oakland PD will have some very bad consequences. At the very least, I suspect there will be massive demonstrations in Oakland in the near future.
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