bad kitty helps himself

Twitch likes to jump into the dryer and warm laundry baskets, boxes, empty wastebaskets. Pretty normal cat stuff. But Slink jumps into the fridge. He tries to climb right up on the shelves and checks out what looks good to eat. Here he managed to get the lid off the can of cat food and was having a good munch. If I shut him in the fridge, he wouldn’t care. As long as there’s food. Twitch doesn’t try to climb into the fridge. Maybe we should deworm the bad kitty again. (Click image to enlarge)

Slink helps himself - bad kitty

It turns out that the bad kitty likes vanilla ice cream so much he’s willing to fight Ginger for bowl-licking rights. Here they look like they’re about to engage in a battle royale on Stanley’s lap. Stanley ended up giving Slink a teaspoon full and gave Ginger the bowl—Ginger would’ve been bereft if she didn’t get her leftover molecules of ice cream; it’s her JOB to clean the bowls out! (Click to enlarge)

Ginger and Slink face off over the ice cream bowl -- Stanley in the middle

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