bummer morning

Well, I schlepped in to collect my junk, sign my layoff agreement (weird, that, eh?) sign my "contractor's" agreement, say allegedly temporary goodbyes to some people, leave my card ... I did not want to go in at all. The news was even worse than I thought. I hated every second I was there today, faithfully did my chores such as emptying out all the junk from my directories, scrubbing my email, etc. as quickly as I could, turned in my keys, and then practically ran out the door. The place looks like a neutron bomb hit -- where once there were 80, now there are about 45 or 50, max. Sad. The day before what would've been my two-year anniversary (9/11, oddly enough). I really hope this place can pull off a turnaround over the next three months -- there are so many really good and smart people there who don't deserve to be saddled with a failure.
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