einstein is an avid birdwatcher

... said Dad & Mom when they sent her current photo this afternoon. So, here she is at 10½ months. It looks like she’s sitting in a planter on the windowsill on the screened-in sun porch—yes, that’s where she is. Lots of birdies to watch there—especially those silly hummingbirds.

Bird lovers, don’t worry—Einstein is an inside cat. Here she is (click to enlarge):

Einstein at 10.5 months

It’s going to be interesting to see how she gets along with Twitch and Slink this summer. She already knows Twitch from last summer; Twitch tolerated Einstein biting his tail and trying to tackle him. For the most part. Ginger was fascinated with Einstein, probably because she was so little when Ginger first saw her. I wonder what her reaction will be now that Einstein is larger—Ginger still hasn’t taken to Slink yet and still barks at him to keep him in line. (Doesn’t work very well though).

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