einstein is trying to find the computer mouse

Einstein is 18 weeks old now—it’s amazing to see the changes. She’ll be spending the winter with Leo; I hope he knows he supposed to send me a photo to post every month on the 5th! My parents’ Panama City Beach landlord won’t allow them to have even a cat. Too bad. (Click the image to see an enlargement. And Dad provided the title to this entry.)

Einstein Cat at 18 months

Good news: Oliver was adopted last week. By a family with no other pets. Was mutual love at first sight, we were told. We’re really happy about that. And Twitch is back to his usual self, motoring around the house doing that yowl/sing noise that makes it sound like the room is haunted.

And my parents will be here on December 19th—looking forward to that, too.

And the roof is actually going on. They started yesterday, but couldn’t work today because it’s just so damned cold and windy (it didn’t get above 26 degrees today, with a wind chill of 15-17 degrees). It’s supposed to be in the upper 40s over the next few days, so they’ll be back to work. The bad news is the fascia is rotted where the gutter overflows, so that will have to be replaced. We knew it was bad on the west side, but it’s also bad on the east side. Maybe we should get those leaf guards for the gutters one of these days—better than having them serve as tree nurseries. Don’t know how much they cost, but a guy we met had his done and said it’s worth it.

We had our birthday celebration last night (Helene, Stanley, and I have birthdays close together, so we always celebrate with a dinner), which was fun. We went to Jani Restaurant so I could have sushi and Stanley and Helene could have Chinese food. Great food. Today it’s Stanley’s birthday—but we’re not doing anything until it’s warmer out (his choice, and I don’t feel well—a cold settling in, I think—so I didn’t argue with him). We’ll just tuck in, eat spaghetti and watch tv. Then tomorrow or Sunday we’ll go see The Fountain (before it goes away) and go out to dinner.

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