five years ranting

January 7 was the five-year anniversary of this blog. I forgot to notice. Back in January 2002, I was writing about setting up the blog (originally done in Movable Type), seeing Lord of the Rings, watching the pre-Iraq BS leading to the war, and, hey, very warm January days. (Not anymore this year—it’s 15 degrees as I write this, headed down to 13.) Many links to things I found interesting (and many of these links no longer work).

If I hadn’t had this blog two years ago, when Stanley was undergoing his valve replacement and bypass surgery and the complications that set in because of the infection he got during surgery, I think I would have gone quite mad. I just poured it all out. Blog as catharsis. Sort of. I still have nightmares every once in a while about that whole trauma.

I guess I should let myself get back into the habit of blogging shorter entries when I think of things rather than saving it all up to blog at once and then forgetting about it or getting too busy. I liked doing it that way. Beats trying to remember where I saw something or trying to wade through my bookmarks—just do a search and tada! There it is! I like having a sort of record of my life and thoughts. I think.

And next week, on January 23, it will be our second wedding anniversary. Wow!

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