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We're headed for Michigan tomorrow. Taking care of odds and ends today, packing, waiting for Ben, who will be going with us again this year. A lot of details to take care of before we go -- we don't know if we're going to be able to set up a broadband connection where we're going, so had to take care downloads and uploads and assorted things just in case ...

Naturally, since we needed to do a lot of online and computer work, there were violent thunderstorms this afternoon. So I spent a good part of the afternoon with a quivering mass of jelly in the shape of a golden retriever wrapped around my legs. Made it hard to pack.

Our first stop in the Holiday Inn in Richfield, Ohio. I realized that the directions and reservation number were only in my email, so when I could turn on the computer again, I printed everything out. Twitch, of course, had to supervise the printer -- he is the weirdest cat:


It's getting ominous-looking again, so I'm glad I managed to get the Expression Engine upgrade installed (with good tech support -- there's always something) so I don't have to worry about it later -- one more to-do list item checked off. I'll get to the backup disks I need to burn later on this evening.

I am so excited about getting away -- I can't wait to see my parents. We really need the break. What's ironic, though, is that our gloriously abundant clematis is on the verge of blooming, so we'll miss it! (It's late this year.) It'll be something pretty for our house sitter to look at. Maybe she'll take some pictures for me. And she can harvest the tomatoes, which are also very late. I probably won't even get one of them this year.

And of course, since we wanted to take a vacation, even though it's been scheduled for months, everybody suddenly wants stuff done now. So it'll be a working vacation. Fortunately, only one project is urgent. Good thing we like what we do.
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