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Gordon Joseloff, founder of WestportNow.com and a client, is running for first selectman of the Town of Westport, CT. First selectman is the equivalent of mayor. We recently put up a website for Gordon and his running made, Shelly Kassen, at www.joseloffkassen.com.

Gordon also launched a candidate blog, Gordon’s Journal. Even though it just launched, it’s already interesting. A recent entry provides the details behind the “Sherwood Island has no lifeguards” controversy, and why Governor Rell’s response is inadequate.

Sherwood Island is a CT state park located in Westport. I think it might be safe to say it gets more visitors than any other CT state park because every summer the families from New York City and Westchester County descend upon it. Though the crowds haven’t been as rowdy since the state banned alcohol, it can get very wild there on the weekends—not in a bad way, just a lot of people having fun. During the rest of the year it’s very quiet there—most of the visitors are dogwalkers, joggers, and hookers giving their johns a quickie in the parking lot or the pavillion.

It’s a beautiful park, despite the way the so-called landscaping where they ripped out the gorgeous beach roses and the pointless and ugly Sept. 11 memorial that ruined the point. There are paths where you can walk to see the birds in the salt marshes that surround the park, and even a little nature center that’s open once in a blue moon, and nice bathhouses. Plus you can often watch the model airplanes flying off on the other side of the big parking lot. And it’s a great place to fly a kit since the breeze from the Sound is just right on most days. We try to spend a lot of time there between September 30 and May 1.

So I hope they get the lifeguard problem figured out. In this state, a “solution” to problems is often to just close the place, and we’d really miss our off-season meanders with Ginger. Maybe Westport can offer or subsidize EMT training for the lifeguards recently hired on, or donate some of the missing equipment. Seems like a saner solution that waiting for the State to come through with what’s needed.

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