greenpeace and other car ads and clinton too

You’ll never see a commercial like this in the US:—I saw this via (which comes out weekly—worth a read).

There are a lot of these monsters around here, and I think it would be safe to say that 100% of them are not purchased because the owner has a need for an off-road vehicle. When I see one of these things, I just assume the driver, if a male, has a very small dick, and if a woman, has a very high score on the self-centered meter. It could be just plain stupidity, but around here, it’s probably an ego issue. It particularly galls me to see one of these with a yellow ribbon or a flag.

The other day, I saw a school-bus-yellow Hummer parked down the street. I think it was an H2. The guy who drives it must have a really tiny dick.

Speaking of commercials, does Chrysler really think running those utterly boring Dr. Z ads over and over and over and over again are going to sell more vehicles? It’s a really bad ad that evokes hostility rather than interest. And, since I’m on the topic of car ads: Taylor Hicks jumped the shark. Ford made sure of that.

I always wonder why so many auto ads run during the 11:00 news. Back-to-back, 15 seconds of some bland auto driving down some road. Tonight it was Nissan then BMW then Ford then Chrysler, one after the other. And GM too, I think, or one of those that offer flexfuel. Must be really cheap to offer flexfuel, or they wouldn’t do it. Are those chains of ads really effective for getting someone to buy a particular brand?

I am totally disgusted with Bill Clinton. I never drank his Kool-Aid (I voted for Perot both times), so I wasn’t particularly surprised to see Bill stumping for LIEberman. I resigned from Barbara Boxer’s PAC when I found out she was coming to campaign for Joe Blowhard—how can she be so vehemently anti-war and still support Liebermouth?

In Frank Rich’s column (The Passion of the Embryos, July 23, 2006), he talks about religion and policy, and wrote this about Ol’ Joe:

It’s possible that even Joe Lieberman, a fellow traveler in the religious right’s Schiavo and indecency jeremiads, could be swept out with Rick Santorum in the 2006 wave. Mr. Lieberman is hardly the only Democrat in the Senate who signed on to the war in Iraq, but he’s surely the most sanctimonious. He is also the only Democrat whose incessant Bible thumping (while running for vice president in 2000) was deemed “inappropriate and even unsettling in a religiously diverse society such as ours” by the Anti-Defamation League. As Ralph Reed used to say: amen.

Here is the link to the article outlining the letter sent to JoLIE by the Anti-Defamation League. Like his hero Bush, Liebermouth is intent on allowing his particular brand of superstition to permeate public policy—which is why he supports the war in Iraq and Israel’s current attempt to wipe Lebanon off the map.

My brain is looping—it’s time to sleep.

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