he’s home

We were on I-95 heading home at 7:00 pm. He’s home. Finally! Stanley was in the hospital longer from the complications than he was in hospital for the operation.

Tomorrow we have a long list of things to get squared away: getting things going with the visiting nurse, who will be changing Stanley’s dressings and administering the IV antibiotics; going to get his Coumadin level test over at Qwest; calling the surgeon’s office and getting all the appointments we have to keep set up (with Dr. Infectious Diseases, with the surgeon, etc.); finding out if S’s cardiologist will be following the Coumadin or his internist (the orders were written for the internist to follow it, but that’s weird so we have to find out if it’s what Dr. Robinson wants or if it’s an error from picking up the wrong doc’s name on the chart ... ) There’s more, but I don’t want to think any more about it tonight.

I am so tired I’m numb. Stanley is doing so much better, but is still feeling very weak and is also exhausted. At least he will be able to sleep without getting awakened for vitals, or by noises in the hall or staff laughing or talking loud. He’s still very binary.

More tomorrow—just too tired to organize my thoughts right now. And thank you so much to everyone—don’t know how we’d get through it all without your kindness and support.

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