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Twitch the cat lolling in the window, taken with the holga cheapola cameraI wanted a Holga camera—one of those cheapie, throwaway cameras from the USSR (ohmygod it’s ancient ... ), so I got one on eBay. My model is a Holga 120S. Sounds pretty fancy, but it’s not. Takes 120 film, which is not that hard to buy but is really hard to get developed, at least via mail order.

Anyway, I finally got two rolls developed. It takes great portraits, and interesting outside shots. I scanned some of the portrait shots: here is one of them; the others I scanned can be found in the gallery (click on the holga 120s category). I’ll scan the shots at the beach when the cat gets off the scanner.

The photo here is Twitch in his “Favorite Place #112” (click image to enlarge).

I have other rolls I still need to get developed (some from the Holga and some from a very old AGFA box camera. I just wish I could find a place to develop them where I didn’t have to buy the mailers at one place to send them off to another (A&I, which is in Hollywood). I should just call our local photo place and see if they do it—don’t know why I haven’t yet since I like other work they’ve done for me. It’s just so much easier leaving stuff for the mailperson to take.

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