how does my garden grow? wild

Steamy out today—lots of sun and lots of muggy. I think we need to get some fresher Off as the stuff we have now doesn’t seem to be working anymore (it’s about five years old ... )

We did get some tomatoes and other plants—the garden is not quite ready for planting, still a little too muddy. And did I say it’s steamy out today? I played with the dogs instead.

white peony May 29, 2012
one of Stanley’s peonies (click to see it big!)

wild wild garden  May 29, 2012
the garden is wonderfully wild (click to see it big!)

beautiful but vicious rugosa (click to see it big!)

wild roses  May 29, 2012
we even have wild roses in our tree tops (click to see it big!)

digitalis  May 29, 2012
heart stopping digitalis (click to see it big!)

What fun is there in having new software if you don’t play with it?

dali digitalis, © lee fleming, 2012

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