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I’ve mentioned that my cousin Keith was a medical researcher. I never knew what he was working on—he just said “I work with DNA.” My sister Kelly, who is a nurse and understands more about what Keith studied, told me I should Google his name, that I’d be surprised. So I Googled “Keith Gulyas” and now it hits home even harder what a loss it is that he died. About all I understand about proteomics is that it’s the study of proteins produced by an organism during its lifetime. But that’s all I understand.

I’m having a hard time fully grasping that he’s gone. I held him when he was a baby. I babysat him and helped him with his homework. We watched “Stromboli” together—that’s all that was ever on late at night and I think we watched it several times when I was sitting and he just couldn’t sleep. Neither of us understood it.

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  1. Lee,
    Keith’s death has been difficult for me to grasp too.  Keith was the first grand child of Nicholas Gulyas.  I was born a little less than a year later.  I remember visiting our grand parents house in Wyandotte, MI.  Our grandpa Nick would take us for rides in his van.  I remember, too, having a few sleep overs with Wendy at Aunt Joans and Uncle Ron’s house

    I was just sitting here this evening and decided to do a google search on Keith…thinking that I’d pull up his obituary…never imaging that he had so many accomplishments.

    Many blessings,
    Leslie Gulyas Merrell

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