lieberman collecting sigs to run as whatever

According to the AP, as reported in the New York Times, Lieberman says he’ll start petitioning to run as an “Independent Democrat” in November:

‘‘While I believe that I will win the Aug. 8 primary, I know there are no guarantees in elections,’’ Lieberman told reporters on the steps of Connecticut’s statehouse. ‘‘No one really knows how many Democrats will come out to vote on what may be a hot day in August.’‘

Lieberman said he will still be running as a Democrat even if he’s not the party’s nominee and plans to remain part of the Democratic caucus in the Senate if re-elected.

Hedging his bets yet again, just like he did during the prez campaign. What the hell is an “Independent Democrat?” Oh, I forgot, that’s a Republican in a Democrat’s costume.

How, exactly, is he going to run as a Democrat when Ned Lamont is chosen by us noble Democrats who brave the August heat to vote on the 8th? How lame is it to blame hot weather for losing the primary? In advance, no less.

What will he do if Democrats turn out in droves to vote against him?

It’s time to seriously consider term limits for our elected officials. I’m leaning toward two terms max for senators and four-year-term elected positions, and three terms max for representatives and other two-year-term elected positions. Anything more than that and it becomes their career and most politicians consider it an entitlement—which Liebermouth clearly does.

Worth reading is David Sirota’s recent column in the Hartford Courant: Who’s Lieberman Represent? Not You

Apparently, the Lieberman campaign’s cynical strategy is to smear the opponent and then convince the public that holding a contested election is somehow wrong, when in reality that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen in our democracy.

Lieberman wants to make this election about whether he is a likable guy.

But this is not a two-bit popularity contest. This is a critical election about whether Connecticut Democrats believe Lieberman is representing their party and mainstream America in the Senate, or whether he has lost his way and become part of the corrupt establishment in Washington.

A look at Lieberman’s record shows he is most decidedly the latter—a senator who has “gone Washington” and forgotten about the people who elected him. Lieberman may call himself a centrist, but the record shows he has used his platform to push policies that are far out of step with what ordinary Americans want from their government.

How to avoid having our elected officials become part of the establishment in Washington, corrupt or no? Term limits. This would take care of Lieberman-type BS and also take care of a great deal of the corrupting influence of lobbyists—they’d have to cultivate new patsies and that will definitely cut into their bottom lines. And maybe it might happen that our elected officials would actually work for us. What a concept. The pols won’t have to spend the bulk of their terms raising cash to keep their jobs; just think of all the work they could get done during their lame duck term!

UPDATE: Take a look at Lieberman on CNN, over at Crooks & Liars (he’s so damned arrogant—but what, exactly, had he accomplished in the last 18 years?)

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