a new kind of Democrat—the Republican kind

Lieberman, a Republican in Democrat clothing. A fascinating look at his platform. Here are some examples:

Issue: He wanted to blast Iraq into the stone age before GW was even elected

Isn't this great? If we'd invaded Iraq 5 years ago, like I suggested, we'd only have 10 to 15 more years of occupation left. By now, we'd have lost many hundreds of soldiers to hostile forces, killed thousands, violated the human rights of millions, and lit an eternal flame of hatred for the west in the hearts of an entire generation of Iraqis.

Now we'll be lucky to reap the benefits of our invasion by 2010.If I'm elected, I promise that delays like this will be a thing of the past.

Issue: Protecting Our Children From Violence

Standing up to evil. Every day. I'm known around Washington as the conscience of the Senate, and I'm proud of that title. I believe that morals are important, which is why I'm always starting some new initiative with William Bennett or Jesse Helms. I've taken strong stands against imaginary violence and fictional representations of crime in video games, and when it comes to fake debauchery, there's no greater opponent on the Hill.

But real violence? I can't get enough. I was calling for an unprovoked attack on Iraq long before George W. came on the scene, and if you're looking for support for another overpriced and unnecessary piece of military hardware, just show me where to sign. Of course, it helps if some of that hardware is manufactured in my home state. In fact, it helps a lot.

Issue How do we handle North Korea?:

We're surrounded. There's no escaping the fact that our enemies are everywhere. And the proper response to such a situation is blind panic, which is why I was one of the first Democrats to sign on to the Missile Defense Shield. Today, I'm happy to stand by our President as he pushes for even more money for military contractors, many of whom happen to have facilities in my own home state.

If you listen to scientists you'll hear lots of big phrases like "infeasible," "defies the laws of physics," and "only a moron would believe such a thing could work." But I have faith that the small, highly-paid group of military contractors, who so far have been unable to get this system to pass any realistic test, will soon produce a system with magical powers to protect our homeland from the military equipment that we sold to our former allies in the 70s and 80s.

I don't know who's behind this site--whois lists a couple of people from Madison, WI. If I knew who was really behind it, I'd make a donation to keep the site going.

At any rate, the site is well done and clever. And it heartens me to see that more and more people are starting to see Lieberman for what he is. When he ran for re-election in the Senate at the same time he was running for VP, I realized what a bullshit artist he is (too bad my fellow Nutmeggers didn't see it as well). It demonstrated how little faith he had in the presidential campaign -- maybe if he would've put all of his effort into the presidential campaign instead of two-timing Gore, the outcome might have been different. Or maybe he knew in advance what the outcome was going to be--and wanted to make sure he still had a job come January. I've never been much for conspiracy theories--but events since 2000 have made me wonder.

But I digress. Just go poke around this site--it's fun in a queasy kind of way.
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