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Last night, I didn’t scratch off my lottery ticket—it was still 2008 and I decided I’d have a better chance when the numbers changed to 2009. Makes no sense, I know. Last year was such a hard, sad year I needed something to use as a signal to start moving forward again. The ball dropping in Times Square was good, a New Year’s kiss from my husband was better.

I haven’t scratched the ticket yet—I’m in no hurry to be disappointed.

Stanley gave me a Flip Ultra video camcorder for Christmas—I was surprised. I’d mentioned I thought I would like to have one last spring, when David Pogue mentioned it in his column in the New York Times (but could in no way justify spending the money on it!)—I had no idea Stanley remembered.

Today, I put together a little movie, two of my first videoclips, took out the sound and added music by Fredo Viola. This is an experiment—fun to play with and it makes me want to get editing software. The quality is better in the original format, but I converted it to a Flash video to keep the file size low. Of course the puppies are first! The loading graphic isn’t working properly, at least not in Firefox—so just click the play button to watch it (I’ll fix it sooner or later).

The video stars Ruby and Bingo, Stanley, Tattoo, Kate and Maureen, Jeff, Jamie and Dad, Ben and Holly—more or less in order of first appearance. I couldn’t find the cats at the time, so they lost out. So it’s not Art—it was fun. I’ll get better at it. I hope.

Haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions yet, not really. Just a goal of getting most of the house under control within the next few days as it’s been badly neglected since mid November. I think I’ll start emerging from my fog when I finish decluttering my desk.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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