Not even his mom!

I know this is a little old, but it cracked me up: Candidate's Relatives Say They Won't Vote For Him (Hartford Courant Online Edition)

October 17, 2002
Associated Press

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. -- State Rep. Dennis Cleary won't be able to count on the support of his family this Election Day.

The Republican, who represents Wolcott and Southington, is seeking a seventh term in the General Assembly. But relatives have taken out a newspaper ad and planted signs on their lawns in support of his opponent, Democrat John "Corky" Mazurek.

The ad, printed in the Wolcott Community News, reads, "We are tired of Dennis ... Are you?"

Jude Cleary said family members believe his brother is a "corrupt" and "self-serving" politician.

"He's sort of been on a trip for a number of years," Jude Cleary said. "He just seems to have rolled with the Hartford insiders and sort of lost touch with his own family, let alone the people of the district."

Seems the family doesn't like the way he handled his father's estate. I wonder what the real story is here, since there are always at least two sides to every story. At any rate, he's been in office long enough -- time for him to say "bye-bye."

The ads in CT have been particularly unenlightening this silly season. Very few ads for Curry, the democrat running for governor. I guess he didn't raise enough money.

Attack ads - all attack ads. I think the only non-attack ads I've seen are for the woman, Susan Bysiewicz, running for secretary of state - those ads actually talk about her accomplishments. I guess she managed to get some stuff done despite working under our oily republican governor, who, in just a few years, managed to turn our state from one with a substantial surplus to being nearly a billion in debt.
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