A couple of weeks ago, a new section launched in WestportNow.com: Pets Seeking Homes. The section has photos and little bios of dogs and cats the need adoption from the Connecticut Humane Society in Westport and Westport Animal Control (dogs only, no cats here). It’s my responsibility to post and update this section—and I gotta tell ya, it’s very hard to do this. In most cases, I want to adopt them all myself. Fortunately, Stanley has more sense than I do.

We got both Twitch and Ginger from the Westport Humane Society five years ago, and we’ve been really happy with the beasties.

Anyway, one of the cats needing a home caught my eye (clutched my heart), so we went down to meet her. But she and Stanley did not get along. Not at all. Sometimes pairings are just not meant to be. We went there intending to adopt her, but it didn’t work out. We then looked around at the other cats, leaning toward an adult cat because people always want the kittens and ignore the wonderful adult cats available. Since we couldn’t take them all home, we narrowed it down to two, an adult and a kitten. Rather, I narrowed it down to two and Stanley narrowed it down to one. Fortunately, I really like the one. A five-year-old male orange tabby. A gorgeous boy.

And big. He weighs 17.5 pounds. Not fat at all—just very, very big.

Name of Oliver, abandoned by some guy who didn’t want to be bothered taking care of another creature anymore (“I travel too much.” Yeah, right.) so he abandoned his cat at the Humane Society.

oliver 11-17-2006

I don’t have a picture of him yet, but I’ll try to take one tomorrow. Stanley took some, so maybe I’ll get one here are two of his (click to see bigger photos). I want to get one of Ollie and Twitch together—it reminds me of Laurel and Hardy. Which is why I think Ollie suits him.

Oliver, who doesn’t answer to his name, is nervous. Twitch wants so badly to play with Ollie (that name seems to feel right), but Ollie is having none of it yet. They’re touching noses, and sort of getting along. Ollie would probably be pretty much settled in except for ...

Ginger. Ginger loves cats. Ollie doesn’t care, at least not yet. I think it’s going to take another couple of days before Ollie feels comfortable walking by the dog—he’s starting to, but is still very tentative.

To look at Ollie, since he’s so big, one might assume he’s tough. He’s not; he’s a sweetheart. Definitely likes people. There’s was one point when I was holding him that, if it had been any other cat, my forearms would’ve been ripped to shreds. Not Ollie. It’s weird—he seems to be checking himself. But I’m glad because he is such a huge cat he could do some serious damage.

I’m looking forward to giving him a good brushing, but that won’t happen until he’s comfortable with Ginger being near him—Ginger is like my barnacle. Hopefully soon. Ollie is settling in faster than I thought he would, considering all of the trauma he’s been through since November 6, the day he was abandoned.

oliver avoids ginger


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