pascagoula, miss.

Dan Goodgame wrote a special report on the Katrina aftermath of his hometown Pascagoula, Mississippi, published on (Goodgame now lives in Westport, CT). Complete with horrific pictures of the damage.

Goodgame went down to Pascagoula to help his mother and other family members begin the process of cleaning up. Much of Pascagoula suffered significant or complete destruction after it was hit by a 20-foot tidal surge. Goodgame writes about what residents there are doing and lists the supplies and skills that they desperately need, from cleaning supplies and tarps and gift cards to people who know how to put up drywall. I would imagine this list is the same or similar to all of the Gulf towns and cities hit by Katrina.

I have been wondering what’s been going on in the towns other than New Orleans, how they fared, how they’re coping, what they need. It’s sad that there isn’t better news. I don’t think we’ll know the true extent, physical and economic, of the damage Katrina wreaked for a couple of years.

Oh, please, I hope Rita fizzles out.

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  1. Lee that is why I actually devided my money sending part to Salvation Army Jackson Mississippi the other part going to a organization helping New Orleans.  In this tragedy the loudest are getting helped the most. If you want to watch what is happening in Mississippi you almost have to go to some of the state newspapers that are functioning. I have been going to the Hattiesburg Mississippi paper.
    It takes some work but try googling some of the small towns of Mississippi.

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