Pork Watchers Blog Slaps Candyass Kean

The CAGW Waste Blog wrote this yesterday:
The Letdown of the Week Award goes to the chairman of the independent commission investigating 9/11, Thomas Kean, who backed away from statements he made to CBS News concerning bombshell revelations about who was responsible for one of the biggest intelligence failures in the history of the United States. Despite a pattern of ignored warnings and missed opportunities leading to Sept. 11, not a single high-level intelligence or administration official was fired or otherwise held responsible, and the White House maintains that 9/11 could not have been prevented. CBS reported that Kean's earlier comments constituted "pointing fingers inside the administration and laying blame," adding that the attacks "could have and should have been prevented." Now Kean is reversing himself and saying that "nobody in the Clinton or Bush Administration did anything wrong."

We watched Nightline the other night, and were pretty amazed at how Kean managed evade laying any blame on any top-level government official in either the Clinton or the Bush administrations--including the president, the heads of the CIA, the NSA, the FBI. He basically said flunkies screwed up, and those are the people who should have been fired but weren't. It was a pretty sickening half hour.

Aside from Kean's wimpout (how much are we paying him for this?), the Citizens Against Government Waste website is a fascinating collection of pork, both pending and past. I wonder if there's anything comparable at the state level -- bet Rowland would be headline news.

So far, they haven't charged Rowland with anything since, so far, he hasn't broken any laws as far as anyone has found. Mostly he's guilty of colossal stupidity and arrogance and shoddy ethics. Though I have a hunch there's a lot more to this iceberg. It's particularly telling that people in his own party (Republican) are telling him to quit. But he still refuses, as of yesterday.
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