A bit crabby right now, one of those days where I worked and worked at a lot of different things and still have a to-do list longer than I’d like.

One project is almost ready to launch—hope we can tomorrow. It a site devoted to kids who are the target of bullies and will supplement the Surviving Bullies Workbook, which was just published this week (via LuLu.com—an ebook/print on demand online bookstore). We are putting together resources and other information about bullying, in this phase, aimed at primarily middle schoolers and older teens. But I’ll link to it as soon as it has launched. I like the way the interface has shaped up, a very clean looking but not dull look. We have a lot of plans for the site once launched, but are hoping that the site’s users will guide us by telling us what we should include and what would be most useful to them.

Another project we’re beginning is redesigning the website for an eco-resort in Mexico. Hey, we’re now an international firm, well, we have clients in another country, anyway. We’re putting together the information architecture and site plan right now. There are a lot of photos—it’s kind of soothing to look at photos of palm trees and one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen and turtles and Mexican tile. It ameliorates the site of four-feet-tall mounds of dirty, slushy snow.

Another project is working on a multi-storefront ecommerce database—a really geeky project that I’m anxious to dive in to.

And a lot of other projects, mainly website enhancements, or evolutions if you will. It’s interesting that very few of our clients put up a website and let it be—most add and change and enhance, which keeps everything interesting.

Which brings me to Time & Timing—Stu revised his futures history (is that an oxymoron?) databases to run as a web-based application instead of a downloadable software application. Based on PHP and MySQL. There’s a 30-day free trial, so if you’re into options trading, or just curious, take a look at it.

Valentine’s Day was nice this year. Stanley and I were both too tired to deal with it—exhausted from shoveling, and decided to just forget about it. This year, anyway. But, we really didn’t. We finally bought a new mattress on Monday—we’d been planning to for oh, about five years. We picked it up on Tuesday. Our bedstead is an antique that Stanley has turned into a thing of beauty, and the mattress was about an inch too big for it (it’s a four-poster bed, so not much give there). Stanley figured out how to make the bedframe larger without damaging the bed—but it took him hours to do it.

So that (and strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert) was my Valentine. I paid for (and insisted upon getting) the mattress, so a non-backache-inducing night’s sleep was mine to him. It’s been so wonderful not waking with a back sore from a lumpy mattress. (It was at least 25 years old!)

Our next home improvement project is replacing the floor in the office. It is pine, as it’s a converted porch and the floor was not intended for heavy use. We got laminate (Cherry) at Costco on Monday, and that’s what we (rather, Stanley, as I doubt I’ll be any help) are going to replace it with. I’m looking forward to it because the floor under my chair has a crater.

My sentence structure is deteriorating so I think it’s time to stop rambling and go to bed.

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