sunshine and betula and Miller needs a retread bad reports that maple, birch, and cedar / juniper is high today. Just barely high, and boyo is it socking me. Some years hay fever bothers me a lot, some years barely at all. I fear this is a year of bothers me a lot. The only things that really work for me are Benadryl and Comtrex -- but both leave me feeling stupid and out of it. Cure worse than the disease kind of thing. So I tend to avoid allergy pills unless it's so bad I can't keep my eyes open (and thus can't work even less than I can't work on Benadryl).

What's bad is my dog has hay fever too. This afternoon, while we were working in the garden (well, she was digging me a nice hole I didn't need), we were BOTH sneezing.

But it felt good to be outside, finally. I got one bed cleared out, planted verbena and rubeckia and threw in lots of wildflower seeds. Last year things in the garden were horrible -- just not enough rain. Maybe we'll have a normal summer this year.

The dogwood should be in bloom within the week!

We went to Home Depot on Friday and got some very nice looking dwarf Alberta spruce, some juniper ... my goal is to get this stuff in the ground over the next couple of days. It was actually a pretty good time to go to HD, which Stanley refuses to go to on weekends unless it's very late (not a crowd lover, he, not at all). But he took me on Friday, late afternoon. It was raining, you see, and I figured it was a good time to go to a garden shop because there would be very few idiots shopping in the rain. I was right!

I also want to get the climbing rose bush trailing around the trellis we put up last year, but I'll need help with that since the trellis is a lot higher than I can reach without a ladder. And I don't do ladders ... oh Stanley ...

A sort of peaceful weekend. I got my personal taxes done -- just have to finish the business tax form and get that off plus the new "entity tax" the State of Connecticut is demanding -- I don't know if we have to pay it or not, need to check that out -- but I assume we will. Another bit of our money to send off to Rowland so he can mismanage it. But, no tax ranting today. No. I had a PEACEFUL weekend, I did ...

Speaking of rants, check out what Stanley wrote in Puppet Press Journal about Dennis Miller's show on HBO Saturday night. Here's a clue for Miller: the well has run dry. It's drought time in jokeland for you. I've been a Miller fan for years, but this last show, and his appearance on Bill Maher last month -- geez. Maybe he should take a longer hiatus or whatever he was doing. I don't care if he's turned into this nasty reactionary as long as he's amusing about it. But there was nothing amusing about this HBO special -- it actually offended me, especially the racism. I'm glad I didn't pay money to see it. His delivery was way off -- during the first twenty minutes or so it was almost as if he was slurring his words or, if he talked any faster, he WOULD'VE slurred. I started doing the crossword puzzle during about minute 21 or so, kind of listening for a change of pace or at least a heckler, but no luck. Just killing time until the news came on. What a shame. The studio audience was pretty tepid too -- he had to have noticed. Some of the jokes, such as the ones about priests, have been done to death already -- old news. It's like he's so busy trying to find all those esoteric references he forgets to look for the humor in things. If he doesn't find anything funny right now, he should just find some more shitty acting roles he can screw up. Or do Bordello of Blood II. I guess it bothers me a lot more than I thought because I was looking forward to the special. Hey Miller: your audience has moved on -- catch up, buddy. Or find a new day job.
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