the world as 100 people and stuff

The Whole World as 100 People is a fascinating slide from a Coast Guard presentation on diversity. Don't know if this is really accurate or not, but the numbers seem right -- though they might not to the Americentric out there.

The crocus are in bloom, and the daffodils have finally started sprouting. So I guess this means spring is really going to get here. What a rough winter we had -- the coldest I can remember for a long time. I'm so looking forward to working in the garden.

Well, they managed to wreck I-95. A tanker rolled and caught fire, 3000 gallons of diesel going up in flames and bowing both side of the interstate in Bridgeport between exits 25 and 27. I am SO glad I don't have to head out New Haven way much any more (maybe a meeting next week, under duress).

According to the news, it will be at least two weeks before that stretch is open again. Betcha it'll take longer than that. Pretty spectacular photos of the wreck on WTNH.
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