there are aliens. i have proof.

Penn and Teller are wrong. There are aliens, and I have proof. I wasn't looking for aliens, just looking at the snow this evening. Here's one view from the porch:


But things seemed uneasy. Odd occurrences that I could actually capture with my camera:


I could sense the presence of something strange, something otherwordly. So could Ginger, who frantically started trying to get to the bottom of it:


There was an eerie light in the distance--one I could not explain. It was coming from the north:


Then, from behind the wisteria, I heard this unearthly sound, and saw this:


Oh, sure, a cat you say. Yeah, it LOOKS like a cat, but look closer:


There you have it. Proof that an alien is among us. Most of the time it appears to be Stanley's typical tabby Twitch [from the depths of hell]. But when it thinks no one is looking, its mask drops and its true being shines forth from the eyes. Proof. Like I said.
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