time is going by too fast

My sisters Jamie and Kelly and my niece Kristine and nephew Leo are up for the holiday weekend. We went to Harrisville today for their annual arts & crafts fair. Where Stanley and I managed to spend too much getting a small painting, a gorgeous photo, and a piece of beautiful raku pottery. And some other odds and ends I won’t mention because they’re gifts. Next week we’ll try to pick up another piece of pottery, this really beautiful stuff with detailed bugs ... that sounds awful, but it’s not.

We also got Mom a painting for her birthday—she says she likes it and I hope she does.

Leo made raspberry fudge for dessert—it was quite good. And Mom made a big pot of excellent chili for dinner.

With all the wild weather in Connecticut and record-setting winds in Norwalk, we were really worried about the trees in our yard. We already knew the power was out because Stanley’s answering machine is not on. We were working up the courage to call Raneev, our next-door neighbor, to see if there was any damage (like our tree falling on his house or something awful like that)—did we really want to know and wreck the last week of our vacation? But Raneev very kindly called us to let us know that other than a few branches down off the century-old pine tree, everything is ok. That was so nice of him and it really lightened our worry load. We already know the cellar will probably have six inches of by-then moldy water by the time we get home, but that’s much easier to deal with than a branch through the roof or on top of Stanley’s van.

The weather has been mixed here this weekend, on the cool side (which is perfect for going to an outdoor arts fair), rainy bits. Hoping tomorrow is sunnier so we can hit the beach and bake for a couple of hours (even if it’s not, Ginger likes to go and fetch her ball from the waves).

We went up to see my brother, who is staying at a cabin near Cheboygan while he works a job in Petoskey. It was really good to see him and he and his wife Debbie’s cabin is in a really pretty patch of woods, about 12 acres so no neighbors building next door to him, less than a quarter mile to a stretch of gorgeous beach on Lake Huron.

Twitch caught mouse number two. No dramatic photos this time—the creature was in mouse heaven by the time Stanley noticed there was torture going on (we were watching a movie).

We watched Hoot, which we liked a lot, and Narnia, which was too long and too boring and too sanctimonious to like. We saw Silent Hill, which was awful. And The Matador. We went to the Oscoda Theater to see Superman Returns and regretted it. I think the woman who owns the theater must pay by the decibel, because the movie volume was too low to hear properly—even Stanley had trouble, and his hearing is excellent. Besides the fact that the move was too long, too boring, and too stupid. I wanted to cut that damned spit curl off whatsisnames’ forehead. Bryan Singer let X-Men 3 get turned into a pile of turkey turd so he could direct this piece of crap movie ... it will be a long, long time before I forgive him and pay for any movies he makes in the future.

Okay, enough about movies (the local Family Video has a great selection—I wish there was one near our house!)

One more week, maybe I’ll win a little more at bingo, maybe not.

The really sad thing up here is all of the houses and cabins for sale. An unbelievable number. Blame gas prices, GM, Ford, Delphi ... this state is getting hit hard.

Stanley’s getting a great collection of freckles. And I’m starting to get a little more sane again. And I’m trying to ignore Connecticut politics (and politics in general), but I can’t help it, I need to know what’s going on. Which is what I’m going to read about now.

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