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Well, Stanley put in our air conditioners. Last year, we didn’t put them in at all, but today and for the rest of this week it’s supposed to be so hot and humid that all thought ceases. Which is not good for business. When we left for brunch this morning, Ginger didn’t even try to go with us, just lay draped over the top of the stairs. The two small a/c units are just enough to take the edge off downstairs and make our bedroom comfortable (and quiet—it drowns out the street noise).

I tried to close the bedroom door, but the door wouldn’t shut. Stanley says it’s coming apart at the top, and he has to fix it. It’s only about a couple of hundred years old—the humidity is warping it (and everything else in the house, according to Stanley). Too bad it didn’t happen before he painted it.

Last week’s thunderstorm was so bad it scared me—the sky turned that tornado color and there was a tornado warning. So I managed to get the dog down the cellar steps—she’s terrified of the steps, which are very steep. Found the cat and threw him down there too. We didn’t get a tornado here in Norwalk, but there was one near the Tappan Zee area of NY which also cut through Greenwich, CT, so it was damned close. Goes to show, I guess, the weather lessons while growing up in Michigan stuck with me.

Nobody here in Connecticut understands that a tornado warning (vs. a watch) means take shelter now—they think you take shelter only if you see a funnel cloud. One lady said she stood in a doorway to protect herself—guess she figured a tornado is the same thing as an earthquake. I was surprised the weatherman on WTNH didn’t give better instructions—he must never have had a gig in a tornado zone. He covered it, up to a point, but stopped covering it before the edge passed over Norwalk—the storm got much worse just after he went off the air. Very strange—not worth the interruption (hey, Judge Judy was on!) And the cable news channel, which is located right here in Norwalk,              kjmmmmm <—cat walked on the keyboard ... didn’t even have a warning up.

I need to water the gardens. I’d put the sprinkler on the bottom garden because it needs a good soaking, but Stanley ran over my sprinkler with the lawn mower yesterday and now it’s in about ten pieces. And he wouldn’t let me mow because he said it’s too dangerous—I wouldn’t have run over the sprinkler. I’ll go water after the sun goes down, slather myself with bug stuff because the mosquitos are fierce this summer, and just hose down the gardens.

We’re watching two yahoos powerwash the house next door. Cleaning the gutters, powerwashing the vinyl siding and windows—yep, we wanna hire them. Especially the guy that climbs that ladder with one hand ... we’re hoping the water doesn’t get underneath the siding because it’s one of those houses made with particle board that can get that black mold, and we like the people who moved in.

I need some chocolate. Right now.

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