we’re finally in oHIo

We finally got out the door at 1:00. We would’ve left about 40 minutes earlier, but Slink decided to play hide-and-seek in the crawl spaces in the cellar. Ben and I could hear Stanley’s curses as the damn cat kept slipping out of his grasp. We tried very hard not to laugh.

Not too bad a trip—only one bad patch of traffic where a tractor trailer jackknifed, probably due to slippery roads due to the rain. Oh, yeah, it rained. Most of it was just annoying rain, but there were many miles where it came down hard and Stanley was very tense. But we made it to the Comfort Inn in Warren, Ohio, which has become our traditional stopping place now. There’s a sofa bed in the room for Ben, and our room, a different one than usually, still faces Courthouse Square.

It took us about 7.5 hours to get from Norwalk to Warren. We’re listening to the new Harry Potter, and are up to disk five or six. Slink settled on Ben’s feet, sort of under Stanley’s seat, and stayed either there or on the seat next to Ben for the trip. Twitch sat with Ben—and Ben even got Twitch’s traditional starting gift of regurgitated cat food. Ben handled it much better than I do.

Right now, Ginger is waiting to go out, and Slink is hiding under the bureau and Twitch is exploring—Twitch is one of the few cats I’ve traveled with that likes hotel rooms. Expands his little world, I think. Right now, he’s sitting in the window watching the traffic and rain—though there’s not much traffic.

Stanley, is, I think, in Dreamland. Ben is reading. And USA is out on the cable here, so we can’t watch this week’s 4400—bummer. But it’s so nice to be heading to see Mom and Dad!

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