What my parents saw

GREAT collection of WPA posters via the Libe of Congress site. Wonderful for getting ideas for good retro designs.

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  1. The Norwalk High School, now the City Hall, had a large collection of WPA murals in many of the ‘public’ rooms.  The cafeteria, the library, the auditorium, etc, all had wall sized scenes.  Years ago the city realized what a valuable collection they had and removed and restored them.  I’m not sure where they are displayed now.  To us they weren’t art, they were targets.  I wonder how much dried creamed corn and peas they had to scrape off of the cafeteria mural.

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  2. So when are we going to go on a Norwalk WPA mural tour? Always wanted to. And if it was cafeteria food from the late sixties, it probably helpred preserve the mural.

    Posted by lee  on  01/18  at  11:49 AM
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