what was i thinking ... ?

Last Friday, when Slink had his Great Escape, I fretted and worried until he yowled at me from the cellar. I was so happy to have him back in the house.

What was I thinking!? He is a devil cat.

About once a week, Stanley grills turkey cutlets. We have half of them one night, then on another night we use the other half to make a good salad with cold turkey. Tonight, the half we were saving was sitting on the stove cooling so it could be stashed in the fridge.

I walked into the bathroom and heard this growly sound, turned on the light, and saw the devil cat crouched over one of the leftover turkey cutlets. About four ounces. He’d gotten on top of the stove, snagged an entire cutlet, and carried it into the bathroom (on top of the rug, of course) and was devouring it. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but then, I could. He is a very bad cat.

By the time I came back with my camera, Slink had finished what he wanted, and Twitch was investigating this tasty treat:

Twitch finds a treat

Here, I think he’s trying to tell me he didn’t do it, and hell, he wasn’t even hungry, honest ... :

not me, no sirree ...

The two of them had a pow wow. I’d like to think Twitch was scolding Slink, but I think they were really cackling together in that laugh only cats can hear:

cat discussion

Well Ginger got an extra treat. She didn’t question it—just gobbled up what was left. Here she is using the leg of a chair for a pillow (she has a perfectly good nest in the office—I guess she prefers the cool floor). Click to enlarge.

Ginger resting

But wrecking a planned dinner menu wasn’t enough for one night. Oh, no.

Earlier, I’d brought in a couple of zinnias from the garden—I love zinnias and not enough of them grew this summer to make me happy because the location turned out to be shadier than expected (things are awfully lush this year), so the ones I do get are precious. Put them in a little vase and put them on the shelf in the office. Slink loves to chew leaves and flower petals, you see, so I figured I’d put them on the cupboard shelf, visible but in a place he never goes to.

Hah. I heard a noise and turned around and found him munching away at the zinnias. Damn cat. So I hissed at him and moved them up to the top shelf.

Then, this is what I saw when I turned around to investigate another strange noise (click to enlarge):

zinnia-eating bastard cat

He pulled the vase and flowers down to another shelf and fled as soon as I stood up.

All of my cut flowers end up looking bedraggled—I haven’t figured out where to put them to keep them safe other than out on the porch. He’s also chewed on every single plant I have and managed to kill a couple of them by using the pots as a cat box—even one that was way up on top of a bookcase (that would’ve been interesting to see—he’s on the clumsy side so I wonder how he managed to keep his balance). I had to repot all my plants and make sure to put big pieces of gravel over the dirt—that’s the only thing that works.

Now he’s trying to get all affectionate with me. Stupid devil cat. I’m just crazy about him though!

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