what’s even worse is: they’re boring

BadAds provides a list of the corporate headquarters of the movie chains. Why? So pissed off movie-goers can write to them demanding they stop playing all those tv ads before the movie:

You pay $8 for a ticket, then stand in a long line for the privilege of spending ten more dollars on fake-buttered popcorn and over-iced soda. You finally settle into your seat, anticipating the thrills and chills of Friday the 13th Part XVII. The lights dim, and…what’s this? A commercial! You paid almost twenty dollars to watch a commercial?

This isn’t the only site. There’s also Captive Motion Picture Audience of America and Stop Pre-Movie Ads at Shiny Blue Grasshopper, where a list of movie theaters that don’t show ads is being compiled. You can find other links to other sites, and even to a petition, beneath this list.

You can find information about a class-action suit filed to stop pre-movie ads at The Movie Theater Lawsuit Website.

The slide shows with the local ads don’t bother me—I kind of like them because they’re quiet and are local ads, and we don’t have to shout to talk over them and it’s a hoot to see how bad some of them are. And I love the trailers. The ads that bother me are the national ads, like the ones from Coca Cola. There’s also that stupid ad about the online ticket buying “service” where you pay even more for a ticket to avoid standing in a line for five minutes. I hate having them blasted at me after I’ve paid so much for the movie. I hate, most of all, those godawful Jimmy Fund ads then having the usher shove that can into my face. I’ll select my own charities, thank you very much. I hate it when a two-plus hour movie starts twenty minutes after the advertised start time. And I especially hate that the stupid tv ads are warped on the movie screen—tv ads have the wrong aspect ratio for the movies. So I will sign the petitions and send off a letter or two, but haven’t much hope this will change without legislation or legal action.

A week or so ago, there was a series of updates for Internet Explorer. Security patches or whatever, so I downloaded them. What a mistake—now, IE keeps crashing like crazy where it never did before on my XP Pro machine. I’ve been using FireFox more and more because of this, but it’s annoying because I don’t have things like my little handy dandy spell checker that works inside forms (from IESpell, and it’s free) and FireFox just doesn’t handle things as well yet (using the html buttons for EE posting, for example, throws me all over the place instead of just leaving it the way it’s supposed to). Whine whine whine.

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