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Maybe they’ve been naming winter storms all along and I just never noticed it. I just don’t remember ever hearing a snowstorm called a name. “Yesterday, Connectucut felt the full fury of Madge, the 13th winter storm this season ... “ Nope. What are the criteria for naming weather? Weather reporting has gotten so weird: it’s no longer snowing, but is a winter event. I like it when my favorite meteorologist, Geoff Fox on WTNH, gives up all the phony weatherspeak and says stuff like, “See how close together these lines are on this weather map? That means it’s going to be really windy tomorrow.” In weatherspeak, it would be called a “high velocity air movement outcome” or some crap like that.

Anyway, we’re getting wet, sloppy snow right now, which is supposed to turn into “liquid precipitation” by morning—we’ll awake to slush and ice. Yuck. My parents spend the winter in Panama City Beach, where the temperature reached 73 degrees today. I’m jealous.

After the news was over, Ginger and I went out to take some pictures. It was disheartening to see that our huge, old pine tree is losing another big branch. I love that tree and it’s painful to me every time it drops another branch.

I used the Smena for to take some shots, and the Toshiba digital for a couple more. I’ve been experimenting a little with the digital, trying out the limited number of settings. I used the setting “head with star behind it” and got a couple of interesting results. The first shot is looking up into the burning bush and dogwood tree just off the porch. Then there is Ginger, ready to head back in after making sure there is nothing interesting in the mailbox.

snow in the burning bush by l. fleming January 5, 2005

ginger checking out the mailbox by l. fleming January 5, 2005

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