x-men 3 disappoints; da vinci code is fun

Stanley pretty much insists we go see every comic book movie made. Not all of them, but most of them. Usually, they bore me. But X-Men1 and X-Men 2 were movies that I liked a lot. There was a story, they were elegant, intelligent, and had quite a bit of humor in them, and were exciting.

This latest, X-Men 3, well, it was crass, stupid, humorless, and, well, boring. I was so disappointed. When some key characters died, I just didn’t care. There is no real storyline, just excuses for special effects. Enough loose ends left to make one suspect there will be another sequel, but I gotta tell you, if Brett Ratner directs again, I don’t give a damn. What a stupid mess he made. Don’t waste your money.

DA VINCI CODE, on the other hand ...
Which we saw last week, was a lot of fun. Preachy in parts, not perfect by any means, but fun and at times exciting even though I knew what was going to happen next. It was easy to suspend disbelief for 2.5 hours—would’ve liked to have seen even more. It was beautifully filmed. Now this movie was worth a Friday afternoon—I wouldn’t have minded paying evening prices for it.

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