Sunday, February 27, 2005

sniff ...

The Oscars are on tonight. It’s become a tradition for Stanley and I to go up to Natick, MA for the event, where my sister Maureen would make a fabulous dinner and then she, Kate, and I would watch the show while Stanley and Jeff wander in and out and make snide remarks about the gala (but actually know much more of the gossip that we do).

Stanley, however and not at all surprisingly, is not up to a 2.5 hour drive—especially since there is another snowstorm a’coming.  The obvious solution would be for the Natick contingent to come down here, right? Only the stupid show doesn’t end until close to midnight and Kate and Ben have school Monday morning, bright and early.

So Stanley and I will watch it tonight, but it won’t be as much fun to discuss the dresses with him as with Maureen and Kate. Stanley’s usual comments are along the lines of, “Nice boobs. Where’s the dress?” And we haven’t seen any of the movies up for nomination this year, so it will be hard to root for anyone other than Clint Eastwood and against Martin Scorsese (because he’s so fricking full of himself—a couple of depressing classics do not a movie god make).

But, considering the alternative, I so bloody happy to be watching them with Stanley I can’t even begin express how much.

We’re going on a jaunt this afternoon: Helene moved, and wants to do one last walk-through to make sure she’s retrieved everything from her old apartment. Then, a stop at the bank and a stop in at Trader Joe’s for some more birdseed: normal stuff. Later we’ll get a little work done (or I will, depending on how much the jaunt saps Stanley’s energy)—I’m working on a design for a site I can’t wait to get up and so far I’m pleased with how the first sketch is going.

Stanley told me he’s very frustrated at how slowly he’s healing. I told him, “Look, just three more weeks and you can drive again.” I think getting him out of the house (and not to a doctor’s office or a lab) will do some good.

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