Tuesday, May 12, 2009

david allen mccaskey, may 1, 2009

Meet David Allen McCaskey, born May 1, 2009 at 10 a.m. in Dearborn, Michigan at Oakwood Hospital:

David Allen McCaskey, May 1, 2009
David Allen McCaskey Photo by James Fleming. (click to enlarge)

I know I’m way behind getting things blogged—blame it on a horrific deadline (two deadlines). But we made it to Michigan and we made it to Dearborn to meet Riley and then to Wyandotte to meet David (aka Baby DAM) and Sunday we have to leave Oscoda and head back to Connecticut.

Here are some more photos, all taken by Dad (he’s pretty good with the camera!):

David, mom, dad
David Allen McCaskey, mom Tammy, and dad Aaron Photo by James Fleming. (click to enlarge)

david and carolyn
David Allen McCaskey and Grandma Carolyn Photo by James Fleming. (click to enlarge)

Leo, David, and Kelly
Leo (in the background), and Aunt Kelly holding David Photo by James Fleming. (click to enlarge)

And one more—Leo took this one and I love it:

PapaJim holding great grandchild number two! Photo by Leo Robertson (click to enlarge)

Much more to upload, such as photos from our baby meets and hopefully some images from our trip to Ann Arbor to see the play Leo was prop manager for—have to process them first.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

we met riley rose

We finally made it to Dearborn to meet Riley—she’s a wonderful baby. I made this little movie with my Flip:

Well I like it! Here’s GrandUncle Stanley (is it GrandUncle or GreatUncle?) holding Riley:

Stanley holding Riley Rose

I need to get a shot of four generations—maybe in August.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

cinderella at skyline high school

The thought of going to see a musical put on by a bunch of high school freshmen isn’t exactly appealing, but when your nephew is the prop manager and made many of the props and your sister sewed costumes for the production, it becomes something you do if you can. We could, we did, and we were pleasantly surprised. It was pretty darn good, with a lot of good singing. The standouts were Emma Griffith as Cinderella and Richa Saran as Godmother. I made a little movie of snippets of stuff, starting with trying to capture the stage hands changing the set. The sets were pretty impressive and I think Leo did a great job managing it all. So, Leo, with apologies for sucking at videography, here’s my little movie:

The blurb in the program says:

Leo Robertson (Props Manager) is a freshman here at Skyline and has been involved with the theatre program here since the first show. He built many pieces for the set for this and the last show.

Kelly was a member of the costume crew and the prop crew.

Leo built the chandelier that hung off on one of the side stages—it was a pretty impressive feat. It was difficult to get any good shots in the theater, but Stanley did his best:

Leo under the chandelier he built for the set

Here is another picture of Leo backstage—he took us on a tour after the show was over:

Leo Robertson backstage at Skyline High School, May 9, 2009
Leo Robertson backstage after the performance of Cinderella, May 9, 2009 Photo by Stanley Thompson. (click to enlarge)

Leo took us on a tour of some of the areas of the school. Skyline High School is amazing—it’s green, brand new, and huge. Leo’s class is the first class to matriculate there and this year they have the entire school to themselves. It’s kinda nice to be the first, I think, and you don’t have to worry about any of the crap the upperclassmen dish out.

Skyline has a green roof, wind power, geothermal power, solar power, state-of-the-art green materials and controls. It’s huge and impressive though not very, well, warm—I think because it hasn’t been used enough yet it could be any institution if you didn’t know it is a school. Leo says there are windows in nearly every room. The media lab is power by wind power. The swimming pool is gorgeous. The theater is fancier than any I’ve ever been in and it’s also state of the art. You can read about it by clicking the link in the paragraph.

So a good time was had by all—I was very glad we went and it was great to see Leo and Kelly.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

starting a ticket pool

Well Dad went and got himself a muscle car. It’s sweet:

Jim Fleming with his new Charger
Dad and his cherry red Dodge Charger Photo by Lee Fleming Thompson (click to enlarge)

Jim Fleming, Dodge Charger, Oscoda, May 8, 2009
Sitting in his brand new car (trying to figure out how to use the satellite radio) Photo by Lee Fleming Thompson (click to enlarge)

I love the color.

Scott says we should set up a pool for when Dad gets his first speeding ticket. I think we should! We can each kick in a coupla bucks ... I’ll send email around and collect picks!

It’s a nice ride. We put almost 800 miles on it driving from Oscoda to Wyandotte, Dearborn, Ann Arbor, and back again. Satellite radio is really cool—you can get NPR all the time!

Now if gas doesn’t skyrocket, he should be happy with his new car for quite a while!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

david’s movie

I also made a little movie at David’s house, featuring his brothers (his sister wasn’t home), mom, and dad. He’s a sweetie too, didn’t cry while we were there though he had every right to with all the commotion.

We off back to Connecticut tomorrow, staying at the Holiday Inn in Clarion, Pennsylvania tomorrow night and back at home by Monday night, at my desk by Tuesday afternoon. I’m not really ready to go, but I know we’ll be back in late August (if Dad is in town), and we’ll see Dad again in June when he goes to Boston and takes his cruise to Bermuda (June 5th).

Tonight, though, we’re taking him to dinner at Tait’s Bill of Fare, a restaurant here in Oscoda that I like a lot. Then maybe rent a video. Not ready to go back yet.

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