Monday, April 01, 2002

Supreme Fools

The Supreme Court just ruled the innocent can be prosecuted for the sins of their children or grandchildren IF THEY HAPPEN TO BE POOR AND LIVE IN PUBLIC HOUSING - Granny gets evicted if someone catches grandsonny smoking reefer in the project's parking lot. If they're willing to make that obscene ruling, what hope do petty criminals have in California (where a videotape thief got slammed with 50 years to life under the three-strikes law?) I would say none. After all, this is the same lineup that pulled off the coup d'etat that put an ethics-challenged moron in charge of the doomsday button. Supreme Court to review reach of three strikes sentencing laws
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Tuesday, April 02, 2002

It begins

In Norwalk, Skakel Trial Means It's Prime Time

Oh, I see SNET (the Connecticut telco monopoly - owned now by SBC) can install 50 dialtones running on fiber optics on one pole in one day - yet they can't get one damned DSL line on a street lined with schools and a switching station in more than a year.

Sixty-five media outlets covering the beginning of this trial. Picture, if you will, someone pouring ten pounds of shit into a five-pound bag. That's what traffic is already like around Norwalk. Now add five more pounds. If the new administration in Norwalk can figure out how to pull this off, then they can figure out how to run this city on property taxes that don't require a second mortgage to pay.

Martha Moxley's killer should've been in jail 25 years ago. It's obscene that Scum Skakel should generate this kind of media feeding frenzy - a nothing man who should go down in a nothing trial. All this crap because he's a relative of someone married to a Kennedy. And we laugh at England for their slavish devotion to royalty.
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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

more evidence that they just don’t get it

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS - or IDIOTS as they're more commonly known) is partnering with Nielsen//NetRatings to do a sweeps month in May (Internet Sweeps Month FAQ) - I guess so they can justify giving awards to whomever they give awards to this year. Gee, those are two organizations with a lot of credibility. Not. I guess Nielsen is trying to find a way to give meaning to its web rating service - especially now that the people who pay the advertising bills are catching on that Nielsen ratings are total bullshit. All of them. Now this nonsense to add fake ratings to the web just like they did to TV.

At any rate, this entry comes via Nick Finck at Digital Web Magazine.
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It seems to boil down to usability - big surprise, eh?

In Search of the Perfect Web Site in Smart Business. A little heavy on Vividence - but interesting nonetheless.
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Univ. of Chicago - signage project

Typographic Signage Project - fascinating digital exhibit.
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So I don’t forget where I saw it - this is IMPORTANT!

A List Apart: Modifying Dreamweaver to Produce Valid XHTML
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Friday, April 05, 2002

my life is running about three months behind schedule

I've been meaning to get some of these photos up for months now. We went to visit our folks in Natick, MA over the holidays. I always take the camera, but most of the time I forget that I have it and don't get nearly as many pics as I'd like.

Stanley: "Don't touch this, ever!" Ginger: "Yeah, right."
Ginger's first Christmas

"Linux! Linux! I want Linux! Windoze sux ... "

"Have I got a deal for you!"
Ginger begging

"Look at this face. Would I lie?"
Ben joking around

"I'm perfectly fine here, that crackhead dog can't see me here ... "
Twitch hiding

"What, me think?"
post-feast stupor

And here are a couple of shots I just like. Stanley snapped the cat.

"I said DEFRAG NOW!"
Twitch bossing Stanley around

"Wait, I missed a molecule ... "
Ginger and Cherry Garcia

I tried to take a lot of pics on Easter, but I screwed up. Here are some of the shots that did come out:

"See, that one over there, well he insists that I do my homework and ... "
Ben discusses life's quirks with Twitch

[bliss] "Ah, a hambone"
Ginger with the ham bone

"Whoah, I didn't KNOW that!"
Ben and Twitch redux

And th, th, thaaaat's all for now.
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Saturday, April 06, 2002

galleries to get lost in

TWOFIFTY - Digital. Visual. Habitual. Lots and lots of eye candy - some of it stunning.
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thousands of words

Pictures from the the Israeli invasion of Palestine (from various sources, via
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Sunday, April 07, 2002

blast from my past ...

It's almost spooky. I was looking for something else, and came across a link to a synopsis of a presentation I made way back in 1997: ONLINE-ADS>> WB '97#2: Will the Darlings of Push Be Around in A Year?. This was back in my industry analyst days. Nice to see I was right. Whatever happened to Pointcast, anyway?

Two things I remember from that 1997 conference: David Strom is really smart. And Jesse Berst's brain is way overextended. What's he doing these days? Closest thing to the present I could find on him is his lame BerstAlert website, which appears to be abandoned. He has a radio show, I think. Waste of bandwidth.
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