Sunday, March 01, 2009

snow and silly teevee shows

We’re in the midst of the MEGASTORM. Yep, that’s what the Weather Channel is calling it. I wonder what it’s real name will turn out to be—probably something like Frank or Harriet.

The storm started here in Norwalk about 9ish, I think. It was starting to get heavy outside while we were watching the latest Jesse Stone movie. Now, several hours later, I think we have six or seven inches on the ground. Or more—I’m not inclined to go outside and look more carefully. I will in a bit, when I head upstairs to bed.

The Jesse Stone movie. I really like this series, but this latest one, Thin Ice or something like that, was really disappointing. It was depressing and left the story hanging—nothing good happened. They’re filming the next one, or just filmed it, and it’s due out this year some time, but it’s a long time to wait for some resolution. This one wasn’t a Robert Parker version, but based on his characters. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t as satisfying as the last four were. But maybe it was a good ending, because it left me wondering and caring about what happens next. And it makes me want to visit Nova Scotia—it’s so pretty there (that’s where it was filmed—what is supposed to be Boston looks an awful lot like Halifax ... )

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