Sunday, July 06, 2003

If I can see this ...

Then my site has propagated on the new server.

I have to say this: moving MT to a new server certainly qualifies as a royal pain in the ass. Especially since the new server isn't configured quite the same as the old one. It took a LONG time to figure it all out. But I supposed I shouldn't complain, since the software cost just $20 and it pretty much does the job it's supposed to do. And does it well, at that.

What didn't help much are the forums: Oh, I tried this and got this error: blah blah blah (which happened to be the exact error I was getting at one point), then some discussion, or not, and then a post: oh never mind, I figured it out. WITHOUT the solution!! Great help, those MT forums.

This is what I had to do to get this to work right on our new system, which has a cgi-bin and is set up to static files must be outside the cgi-bin:

DataSource ./db
StaticWebPath ../neurotwitch/

It would not work with any other combination. I had to use the IP address & site number for the domain for now -- when it rolls over, I will change it. Or not -- if it's working, why wreck it?

One of these days I'll do the templates for the comments properly. And re-do the archives pages. But not tonight ...
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Saturday, July 05, 2003

most popular baby names

Popular Baby Names from Social Security's Office of the Chief Actuary. According to the New York Times, which is where I read about this site today, this site was started by an SSA employee who has since quit and became a gambling consultant in Las Vegas. Jacob and Emily took the number-one honors last year. It also has limited historical rankings going back as far as 1880.

What I think is cool about this site is how well it works: it's FAST. Good old-fashioned CGI.
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Friday, July 04, 2003

busy busy

Finally, I finished making Tony's ebook Life is War. I like the cover: View image. Tony's wife, Monika, did the camouflage background (I distorted it badly to make it fit the ebook format -- sorry Monika!), which Tony calls "Swedish camouflage." I used plain ol' Georgia for the body font (I like Georgia--it's friendly) and Flexure for the display font (in the body and on the cover). Flexure was designed by Stephen Farrell and is sold on T-26 for $39. T-26 says it's a text face font, but they're nuts.

You can read about and buy Life is War here: buy Life is War for $9.99. Pretty soon we'll have it up on Puppet Press. I like making ebooks, but lord they do take a lot of time. That is, if you care about how they look, the grammar, spelling, layout, stuff like that. And I do. This one took something like 15 hours. It's a good book--I recommend it to anyone in any kind of a recovery program or even thinking about how to cope with the crap life throws at you. I like the drawings, too.

MY BIG DILEMMA: Dean or Edwards? I'm leaning toward Dean.
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