If I can see this ...

Then my site has propagated on the new server.

I have to say this: moving MT to a new server certainly qualifies as a royal pain in the ass. Especially since the new server isn't configured quite the same as the old one. It took a LONG time to figure it all out. But I supposed I shouldn't complain, since the software cost just $20 and it pretty much does the job it's supposed to do. And does it well, at that.

What didn't help much are the forums: Oh, I tried this and got this error: blah blah blah (which happened to be the exact error I was getting at one point), then some discussion, or not, and then a post: oh never mind, I figured it out. WITHOUT the solution!! Great help, those MT forums.

This is what I had to do to get this to work right on our new system, which has a cgi-bin and is set up to static files must be outside the cgi-bin:

CGIPath http://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/
DataSource ./db
StaticWebPath ../neurotwitch/

It would not work with any other combination. I had to use the IP address & site number for the domain for now -- when it rolls over, I will change it. Or not -- if it's working, why wreck it?

One of these days I'll do the templates for the comments properly. And re-do the archives pages. But not tonight ...
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