Wednesday, July 10, 2002

shoot the dog

George Michael's New Video. A sock puppet teaches Dubya the facts of life.
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Now we’re all supposed to coo and simper and think this is a wonderful thing?

`A bundle' _ Alabama woman gives birth to sextuplets: four boys and two girls. I think not.

Human litters are not cool, they're abnormal. And a burden on the planet -- and probably on taxpayers too, somehow.
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Thursday, July 11, 2002

How come I never get junk mail like this?

Eli Lilly, Where's My Prozac?

From Act for Change: "Last month, several dozen Florida residents found a surprise in their mailboxes -- free samples of the controversial prescription drug Prozac. The drug's manufacturer, Eli Lilly, appears to have used patient medical records in order to target people who had been prescribed anti-depressants in the past ... "

Lest you think this is BS, here's another news source: Nando Times - Woman sues after receiving unsolicited Prozac in mail.

Walgreens was involved in this. Of course it was Walgreens: that's where I have my prescriptions filled.
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Saturday, July 13, 2002

I’m a wildcat (!)


The Animal In You Personality Test. Another silly test (I'm a sucker for them.)
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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Finally, I got around to this

t r i c k s o f t h e t r a d e is the web design and building resource page I've been meaning to get up forever. It's only the beginning -- soon I'll start adding all the links I use a lot because they're useful and that I hate to lose track of.
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the male brain?

Male Brain (not for kiddies to look at ... )

Thanks to Stanley for this!
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Monday, July 15, 2002


The Pull for Pull: ICANN's grab for total unaccountability

ICANN is a case study on the formation of a "black hole bureaucracy" (my term): where money is sucked in and never seen again because the bureacracy 1) doesn't DO anything and 2) is accountable to no other body, person, givernment, etc. This agency was bizarre from the beginning and is rapidly heading for psychosis.

This is an interesting article about ICANN president M. Stuart Lynns "reorganization" plan (from Entrepreneur) where he's plotting to be Emperor of the Internet.

ғICANN only listens to those who pay it money, charges Auerbach, who has had to sue to see the books of the organization he supposedly supervises. ԓEven its board meetings are paid for by the people it is supposed to regulate.

But without that support, counters Lynn, a cash-strapped ICANN wouldnԒt be able to afford its current level of operations. Lynn wants additional staff and an immediate 300 to 500 percentӔ hike in ICANNs $5 million budget. Additional funds are to come from whichever governments get board seats, and from unspecified use fees.

Critics worry about loss of accountability and ғmission creep in what is widely acknowledgedԗeven by Lynnto be a failed experiment at Internet management so far.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

what customers actually do on a website

Mark Hurst has an interesting update - customer experience, user experience today. Read "The Page Paradigm."

The page paradigm states that on any given Web page, users have a particular goal in mind, and this goal drives their use. Either they click on a link that they think will take them toward the goal, or (seeing no appropriate forward clicks) they click the Back button to take another path.
That's all: users either click toward the goal, or they click the Back button.

The page paradigm has been useful in my client work by focusing attention on the things that really matter on a page or site. Designing a user experience with the page paradigm in mind requires three steps:

1. Identify users' goals on each page.
2. De-emphasize or remove any page elements (or areas of a site) that don't help to accomplish the goal.
3. Emphasize (or insert) those links, forms, or other elements that either take users closer to their goal, or finally accomplish it.
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if you need a boost

Enter your first name here and relax.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

logo design ideas

how to design a logo of letters: both interesting and beautiful. Hmmm ...
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