blast from my past ...

It's almost spooky. I was looking for something else, and came across a link to a synopsis of a presentation I made way back in 1997: ONLINE-ADS>> WB '97#2: Will the Darlings of Push Be Around in A Year?. This was back in my industry analyst days. Nice to see I was right. Whatever happened to Pointcast, anyway?

Two things I remember from that 1997 conference: David Strom is really smart. And Jesse Berst's brain is way overextended. What's he doing these days? Closest thing to the present I could find on him is his lame BerstAlert website, which appears to be abandoned. He has a radio show, I think. Waste of bandwidth.
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  1. Strom has some interesting essays here:

    Posted by stanley  on  04/07  at  06:19 PM
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