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Ned Lamont for Senate

Back in Frebruary, Stanley and I dug our way out of a couple of feet of snow to go to Stamford to meet Ned Lamont. I had already decided that I like what he had to say before actually getting a chance to ask him questions and hear what he had to say in person. So I was delighted that he was as impressive in person as in print. Ah, at last, a real Democrat. A progressive.

A problem-solver, an entrepreneur who understands the needs of small business, a volunteer teacher who knows first hand what kids in poor schools need. I was worried that I would sense BS—I’m am entrepreneur facing problems to solve; I taught the poorest of the poor kids in Manhattan and Bushwick for several years. I didn’t sense any false notes.

A candidate I can vote FOR. I’m so tired of voting against candidates—that’s not what the democratic process is about. I’ve been waiting for six months to vote FOR a candidate. At last, it’s time.

Vote for Ned Lamont on August 8.

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