the lieberbot finally called me

Let’s see ... Bill Clinton called me. Twice. Christopher Dodd called once. John whatever (head of the CT AFL-CIO, I think) called. A couple of other calls from LIEberman supporters.

But today, finally, after I’ve already voted for Ned Lamont (and DiStefano), ol’ Joebot himself called.

Have there been any surveys done on the effectiveness of barraging voters with robot calls during a campaign? I have to think they can’t be very effective—we always just hang up the phone, no matter who is being peddled. Hey, I hung up the phone on President Clinton: twice!

Mostly, these calls are annoying. Especially since they come in with no caller id, like they’re hiding something. I don’t mind actual people calling, as long as they’re campaign volunteers or staff and not some telemarketing minimum-wage drones. At least then, I can asked questions.

Dianne Farrell uses celebritybots too. I wasn’t impressed that Paul Newmanbot called to ask me to support her. I hung up on Paul Newman as well.

There aren’t that many voters in one district, or Democrats in the state of Connecticut. Actual people, volunteers and staff, called me from Ned Lamont’s campaign (aside from the campaign work I’ve been contributing). I think it’s called being in touch with the voters. Something that maybe Joe shoulda rediscovered a lot sooner than two months ago.

I hope it’s a huge turnout, and the outcome is solidly, overwhelmingly for Ned Lamont for Senate. Joebot, I think, is way too little, way too late.

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