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I stumbled upon Design Observer: writings about design & culture -- not sure from where, must've been Xplane's xBlog ...

At any rate, while I haven't read very much of this blog yet, the authors (Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel from Winterhouse Studio, Rick Poynor who founded Eye and writes for Print, and Michael Bierut of Pentagram) seem to make it a point to be extremely opinionated going out the gate -- very refreshing. That's not to say I AGREE with everything said (I think Helfand does not understand Tufte's work or sociology or the ultimate futility of an ad hominum attack, for example), but it's clear these people are at least thinking. I don't mind reading graphic design navel gazing rants if they're articulate.

I'm not all that crazy about graphic design as applied to the web these days -- I've yet to see good print graphic designer make the leap to good web graphic design, at least in the corporate communications sphere. They all seem to be straightjacketed by print experience and don't genuinely understand the web as a different medium or the purpose of a corporate website (or almost any website for that matter). Oh how I'd love it if I were given examples showing me that this observation is bullshit. Please.
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