He’d look even better with red hair

story.blue.canidate.ap2.jpgCNN.com - Candidate turned himself blue - Oct. 1, 2002.

Seriously, would you vote for someone so stupid? He could've at least checked Quackwatch.com before he drank the stuff. Idiot.

Stan Jones,a 63-year-old business consultant and part-time college instructor, said he started taking colloidal silver in 1999 for fear that Y2K disruptions might lead to a shortage of antibiotics.

He made his own concoction by electrically charging a couple of silver wires in a glass of water.

His skin began turning blue-gray a year ago.

"People ask me if it's permanent and if I'm dead," he said. "I tell them I'm practicing for Halloween."

He does not take the supplement any longer, but the skin condition, called argyria, is permanent. The condition is generally not serious.
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