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In Norwalk, Skakel Trial Means It's Prime Time

Oh, I see SNET (the Connecticut telco monopoly - owned now by SBC) can install 50 dialtones running on fiber optics on one pole in one day - yet they can't get one damned DSL line on a street lined with schools and a switching station in more than a year.

Sixty-five media outlets covering the beginning of this trial. Picture, if you will, someone pouring ten pounds of shit into a five-pound bag. That's what traffic is already like around Norwalk. Now add five more pounds. If the new administration in Norwalk can figure out how to pull this off, then they can figure out how to run this city on property taxes that don't require a second mortgage to pay.

Martha Moxley's killer should've been in jail 25 years ago. It's obscene that Scum Skakel should generate this kind of media feeding frenzy - a nothing man who should go down in a nothing trial. All this crap because he's a relative of someone married to a Kennedy. And we laugh at England for their slavish devotion to royalty.
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