life and death in the food chain

Happy new year. As I finally crawled out of bed around 1:00 pm, I wondered why the kitties were not around. Saw that they were in the front room amidst the boxes and stuff we’re still unpacking (finished another box of books yesterday) and junk we’re getting ready to send to the Great PC God in the Sky on January 13. Just quietly sitting there. Very weird. But they’re cats, so ...

Let the dog out and took another peek at Twitch and Slink. And this is what I saw:


Well, is it dead or what? (Damn, the flash isn’t going off—no time to fool around with the camera, just shoot ... )


It’s not moving much ... (Damn, the dog is barking to come in, but I want another shot ... )


Slink isn’t quite ready to give up.


By the time I came back from letting the dog back in, Twitch, Slink, and the mousie were gone. Probably upstairs. It’s Stanley’s problem now—he’s the mouse undertaker around here.

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