slink shots

Our new kitty, Slink, is nearly seven months old. We got him on December 16. He’s a weirdo.

Slink loves Twitch, follows him around. At first, Twitch managed to evade Slink. Then he permitted Slink to cuddle with him, though I’ve seen Twitch smack the little kitty upside the head. Twitch is so not an alpha cat that he doesn’t raise much of a fuss when Slink pushes him out of the way over the bowl of Purina One.

Slink is voracious. He eats like he has worms. He eats the dog’s treats. When Stanley was getting the hot dogs ready to nuke last night, Slink was so tenacious about trying to get to the hot dogs to eat them Stanley had to move to another section of the kitchen: Slink would not be deterred. This evening, he’s after the salmon.

Here you see the kitties cuddling. Of course, the bed is a bed for one. Twitch’s bed—the bed he ignored for five years until Slink started using it. Slink doesn’t seem to mind that he’s more outside the bed than in. (click image to enlarge)

Twitch and Slink cuddle, or try to, in a small kitty bed

Twitch loves to stretch out in the picture window in the kitchen—on sunny days, he bakes. And he hides there. Or at least he did—Slink found him. (click images to enlarge)

cats vying for a place in the sun

kitties in the window more

Slink is still nervous. The dog barks at the cats when they’re causing trouble. Twitch just looks at Ginger—“Yeah, whatever.” But Slink still flees. Creeps up to the top cellar step and peers in, watching for anything that looks edible. He and Twitch have managed to trash dresser and countertops throughout the house. He’s fitting right in!

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