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We did it. We pushed back the start time to 6:00. Mary Pugh, our justice of the peace, arrived with her daughter (picture taker and assistant) to perform our ceremony, which was quite lovely and not at all religious, exactly what we wanted, and we liked her a great deal. Maureen, Jeff, Kate, and Ben arrived from Natick, MA—it took them twice as long as it usually does to travel the distance, and the trip was very stressful. But they arrived intact, and I was so happy that they could be here. Stanley got Helene—there was no way we were going to have our wedding without her presence. We were married in front of the fireplace in our living room, which I didn’t think could happen there because it was so packed in there from emptying the storage bin, but Stanley surprised me and cleared it out! The dogs cavorted and barked during the ceremony, and the cat crouched in the corner watching—I expected him to climb Stanley to get up on the mantle, but he behaved.

Afterwards, Maureen and Jeff took us all to dinner at The Lime here in Norwalk, which is our favorite restaurant on the planet, and the food was wonderful. We came back to our house afterwards for our “wedding cake” (double chocolate fudge cake from Stew Leonard’s) and toasts.

It was a pretty wonderful wedding. It was a close to perfect as it could get without the rest of the family here, but we didn’t give anyone much notice and we would’ve been insane with worry about anyone traveling to get here from Florida or Michigan, so we’ll celebrate with them when we get to Michigan next August. It would’ve been nice if Alice could have been there too, but at least she was in the hospital finally getting better.

Kate took some pictures, as did Chrissy, the JP’s daugher—I will post them soon.

Thank you to everyone who sent their good wishes. We’re deeply grateful. And we will keep everyone up to date regarding Stanley’s heart saga. (I can’t wait until the valve job is over and Stanley is fully recovered).

Now I just need to get caught up on sleep or rest or something. I managed to get all of the shoveling done (more on the way tomorrow), so maybe that explains at least part of my exhaustion. Maybe the rest is stress. Couple of mornings of sleeping in a little extra and I should be ok. Stanley ordered a Snow Fox snow thrower (electric shovel?) because I asked him to—I don’t think we need a big snowblower because there isn’t THAT much driveway and only 80 feet of sidewalk, of which I only need to have a 12-inch-wide path cleared. Of course, when if finally does get here (from Amazon), this winter will turn snow free most likely, so I won’t get to try it out. I wish.

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