wild horses & the kindness of strangers

Check out WestportNow.com for the tale of two horses loose on I-95 this morning. Some amazing photos. Scroll down past the “folks walking their dogs in the snow” stuff to see the sequence of photos.

And bless the kindness of strangers. I was shoveling the driveway out, red-faced as I always get upon exertion (my Celtic heritage, I guess). A guy driving by in a pickup with a snowplow saw me, backed up, gestured for me to get out of the way, and plowed out the driveway! I wanted to find out his name and thank him but he tooted and took off before I could. He saved me a couple of hours. I’ll look for an opportunity to return the favor by lending a hand to someone in need.

Now I just have about 80 feet of sidewalk to do, which I’ll tackle a little at a time since the city plowed so much snow on it (the sidewalk directly abuts the street). If it’s too much, we’ll pay the fine because it’s not worth dropping dead over.

UPDATE: My niece just commented and said there are leaving soon to get here for our wedding! I hope the trip isn’t too hard; I trust their common sense enough to know they won’t push it.

Some blizzardy photos of Ginger and Stanley, last night:

Ginger euphoric

Stanley looking at conditions

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