sierra Club is pro war with iraq

Considering the atrocious amount of damage to the environment that was done during the earlier Gulf War, you would think the Sierra Club would be outspoken and adamantly opposed to the looming war, on environmental grounds alone, and actively promoting ways to end our dependence on the Middle Eastern oil fields. But they're not. Seems like the Club leadership is not only pro-war, but is also bullying chapter members who speak out against the impending environmental disaster that will happen when the US attacks Iraq.

Jeffrey St. Clair, in Torquemadas in Birkenstocks, details Sierra Club's strong-arm tactics:

... It's not, of course. Like any other corporation, the Sierra Club's managers are obsessively preoccupied with beefing up the Club's bottom line and solidifying its access to power, the bloodstream of most nonprofits. (Read: a snuggling relationship to the DNC, supine though it may be).

So here's a warning: When you join the Sierra Club and affix your signature to that membership card you are also signing a loyalty oath.

Loyalty to what? Certainly not the environment. These days it's loyalty to the image of the Club that matters. And increasingly the desired image of the Club is manufactured by its bosses, not its members.

How important is "image" to the Sierra Club? Well, it spends more than $2 million a year and employs 25 people to work full time in its Communication and Information Services unit-the outfit's largest single amalgamation of funds

Okay, so Sierra Club has betrayed its mission. What is the alternative? Earth Liberation Front? Greenpeace? The Nature Conservancy? The point is, there are plenty of alternatives to an organization that seems to exist mainly to sell calendars and be able to get the good seats at political fund-raising dinners. Check out EnviroLink to see what's out there.
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